Blueberry almond chia pudding

Dairy Free Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetarian

Calories: 345 Proteins: 10 Carbs: 58 Fats: 12 Serves: 2



1/4 cup Fresh or Frozen Blueberries

1 cup Oatsome, oat milk

Pinch of Cinnamon (Optional, but recommended)

1/2 tsp almond extract

2-3 tsp agave Syrup

1/3 cup Chia Seeds

Additional toppings: toasted chopped almonds


1. Add the first 5 ingredients to a Blender or Food Processor and combine for 10-15 seconds, until smooth.

2. Transfer the “Blueberry Milk” to a sealable jar or container, and add in the Chia Seeds. Mix well and let sit for 5 minutes.

3. After 5 minutes, mix the Pudding one more time (to ensure no “clumps” are at the bottom), then cover and place in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours, preferably overnight.

4. Top and serve as desired.