dEVILed Eggs

Dairy Free Gluten-Free Vegetarian

Calories: 118 Proteins: 6 Carbs: 2 Fats: 9 Serves: 6



6 eggs

2 tbsp BBF Avocado Oil Mayo

2 tbsp pickle relish

1/2 tsp hot sauce

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

salt & pepper

green & black food dye

sliced olives

sprinkling of paprika


1. Place the fresh eggs in a pot of cold water. Cover and place on the stove top. Boil for 10 mins and let sit for another 5 mins.
2. Rinse the eggs off in cold water.
3. To create the spider webbing design on the eggs: Carefully crack each egg shell by tapping or rollin carefully on the counter. Place the eggs once the shells are cracked in a ziplock bag with black food coloring and water. Make sure the eggs are covered. Place bag in fridge and let sit overnight for best results. When ready to make. Rinse the eggs in vinegar, then carefully peel of the shells.
4. Once peeled, cut each egg carefully in half lengthwise.
5. Carefully remove the yolks and place them in a separate bowl. And place the egg whites on a serving plate.
6. Mix the Mayo, relish, hot sauce mustard and salt and pepper in with the yolks and stir until smooth.
7. Add a few drops of green food dye to the mixture.
8. Carefully spoon of pipe egg yolk mixture back into the egg whites.
9. Add a single olive to the top of each deviled egg and sprinkle with paprika.
10. Enjoy!