Lemon Coconut Cashew Fudge

Dairy Free Gluten-Free Paleo Vegan Vegetarian

Calories: 244 Proteins: 7 Carbs: 24 Fats: 16 Serves: 8



3/4 Cup chocolate glazed donut cashew butter (regular cashew butter works)

3/4 Cup + 1 Tbsp shredded coconut

1 Scoop caramel or vanilla protein powder

1/3 Cup confectioners erythritol

1/3 Cup lemon juice

2 Tbsp BBF organic coconut flour

1 tsp lemon zest

1 Tbsp chocolate chips


1. Mix all together except for 1 Tablespoon Coconut, Chocolate Chips, and Lemon Curls and pat into a parchment lined loaf pan.
2. Top with remaining Coconut Shreds, Chocolate Chips and Lemon Curls for garnish.
3. Chill over night or for several hours.
4. Remove and slice into 8 equal pieces.