Maple Glazed Holiday Ham

Dairy Free Gluten-Free

Calories: 341 Proteins: 39 Carbs: 5 Fats: 11 Serves: 22



12-14 lbs fully cooked ham

3 Tbsp BBF* Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil (melted)

1/2 tsp ground thyme

1 tsp fresh ginger (minced)

1/4 Cup BBF* Coconut Vinegar

1/4 Cup BBF* Organic Agave

1/4 Cup pineapple juice

2 Tbsp maple syrup


1. Preheat oven to 350°F with rack in lower third

2. Peel off and discard any rind or skin from ham, leaving 1/4 inch of fat on ham. Score fat on top
of ham in a crosshatch pattern without cutting into meat. Cover ham with parchment paper, then cover roasting pan with foil. Bake 1½ hours

3. In a blender mix remaining ingredients. Pour glaze into saucepan and simmer for 7-10 minutes

4. After ham has baked about 1½ hours, uncover ham and baste with about ½ the glaze. Discard foil and parchment paper. If there is no liquid in roasting pan, add 1 cup of water to prevent glaze from burning

5. Bake another hour, repeating the basting process each 30 minutes. Use ½ of the remaining glaze each time

6. Remove from oven and serve. Makes 22 servings.

BBF* = BetterBody Foods