Nuts for PB & Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Gluten-Free Vegetarian

Calories: 223 Proteins: 8 Carbs: 48 Fats: 2 Serves: 2



1 1/2 cups nonfat greek yogurt

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

2 tbsp PBfit

1 tbsp dark chocolate chunks

2 tbsp rolled oats

2 tbsp PBfit mixed with 2 tbsp water


1. Divide the yogurt into 2 bowls
2. In first bowl whisk together yogurt with chocolate protein until smooth
3. In 2nd bowl whisk yogurt and PBfit together until smooth
4. In 2 small bowls carefully fill half the bowl with the chocolate yogurt and the other half with the peanut butter yogurt so they are equally divided.
5. Top with chocolate chunks and rolled oats.
6. Drizzle each bowl with the PBfit and water mixture.
7. Serve immediately.