Organic Quinoa

Our tasty medley of three colored organic quinoa seeds contains iron and six grams of complete protein – no wonder ancient Inca tribes called it ‘the mother of all grains’. Organic Quinoa is a great alternative to rice, bulgur wheat and even oatmeal so whether you add to salads, soups or breakfast it’ll leave you feeling fuller for longer.


Organic Quinoa


WHY Organic Quinoa?


Originates from the fertile, sun-kissed soil of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and/or Peru.


Why is our quinoa three different colors and what’s the difference?

Quinoa grows in a variety of colors. Our quinoa is a blend of white, red, and black, sometimes referred to as “rainbow quinoa.”

Is quinoa a whole grain?

Quinoa is technically not a grain—it’s a seed.

I don’t love the bitter taste of quinoa- how should I prepare it so I can enjoy it more regularly?

Before cooking, wash it thoroughly to remove the bitter flavor. Adding quinoa to a bowl of soup for texture, using it in a rice medley blend or an oatmeal ingredient, and adding it to sauces or ground beef is a great way to discover this superfood’s versatility.

Where can I buy BetterBody Foods’ products?

Our products are available at major retail stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Sam’s Club, HEB, Albertson’s etc. To find out where you to find BetterBody Foods’ products near you, click HERE.