Arbor Day Service

We Love to Give Back

Here at BetterBody Foods, we owe everything to the earth. We rely on rich soil and a clean environment to grow our products. That’s why we love to give back in our own little way to the planet that has given us so much!

This past April 26, 2019, we decided to celebrate arbor day by coming together with our local community here in Utah. Volunteers from our office were out in force to plant trees and do some spring cleaning at a local park.

Kaila Paulsen, our senior graphic designer, shared her thoughts on the activity.

“The weather was beautiful.” Said Paulson. “This might sound lame to some people, but planting trees is actually a lot of fun!”

In the same way that a long journey begins with a single step, making the planet a better place to live starts with planting a single tree, doing a single good deed, or even just giving one more person a reason to smile. So from all of us to you, we wish you a happy arbor day.